earthq.jpg  Laast week's earthquake in Turkey As a result of savage spending cuts in Turkey many buildings in earthquake zones are not safe according to reports More than 60% of schools in Turkey need strengthening if they are to withstand an earthquake and 12% need demolishing completely according to an official from the Turkish education ministry. Only 9% are actually strong enough to withstand an earthquake. Turkey is a country which is prone to earthquakes - only last week there was an earthquake in the east of the country which killed 51 people. A large proportion of these deaths could be avoided if buildings were safe. Schools need $10billion spent on them if they are to be made safe yet the government has only allocated $1 billion. The share of public investment in the Ministry of National Education budget has declined from 17% to 3% since the Erdogan Government took the power in 2002 in Turkey and this is just one result of these cuts. We have seen all over the world the devastating results of the failure to build school buildings properly - most recently in the tragedy in Haiti (see previous posts for instance on Haiti and China). Once again there is a stark contrast between the money which is instantly available to rescue banks and that which is available to keep children and their teachers safe. Read more at