brandblog.jpg Some schools in Holland are using lessons distributed by a communications firm called Remedica The lessons are sponsored and designed by firms such as Unilever and Yakult and have been promoted to schools as a means to fulfil their statutory quota of teaching hours. The lessons actively promote certain branded products such as deodorants.  A spokeperson for Unilever said that it was 'a way of approaching our target group but it happens in an educative way.' This kind of advertising in schools has been creeping into education in the US over the last few years with firms like coca cola sponsoring school districts in exchange for a guarantee that their pupils will consume a certain quantity of coca cola and Channel One which is broadcast in many US schools and includes compulsory advertising content. (see for example: 'Cashing in on Kids: The Second Annual Report in Trends in Schoolhouse Commercialism' by Alex Molnar) It fits in with the neo-liberal idea that education is a market transaction or a commodity rather than a social good.