Some of the Hunger Striking Headteachers Headteachers in Colombo are on hunger strike demanding permanent contracts Now headteachers have joined the ranks of those millions of teachers around the world who are being kept for years on temporary contracts. 100 headteachers (principals) started a humger strike outside the ministry of education in Colombo - the capital of Sri Lanka. Some of them have been on temporary contracts for seven years. The headteachers who are members of the All Island Performing Principals Union (AIPU) say that ther should be 16,505 headteachers in Sri Lanka's state schools but only 5,500 are on proper contracts. The striking teachers say that they will continue their hunger strike until the government gives them permanent contracts. Yet another new World Bank document promotes the use of contract teachers. It says: 'Being on a short-term, renewable contract can clearly generate stronger incentives for an individual teacher to meet the performance goals of the contracting unit.'  In fact as numerous posts on this website attest, temporary contracts are one of the main causes of poverty, insecurity, stress and even suicide for teachers in the global south and in transition countries under conditions where what the world and the world's children need above all are professionally rewarded, trained and creative teachers.