Rally for Free Education in Colombo last Week Teachers and principals in Sri Lanka are planning to go on strike in September 210,000 teachers and 10,000 principals will  go on strike at the beginning of the new school term if their demands are not met. The leader of the Ceylon Teachers Union has threatened that teachers will also boycott examinations if the government attempts to block their campaign. The action by the schoolteachers comes on the heels of a determined campaign by the Federation of University Teachers (FUTA) and students to defend state education. They have been on strike since July 4th and held a rally last week which was supported by other trade unions, including those representing water, electricity, railway and health workers. The univesirty staff and students are demanding that 6% of Gross Domestic Product be spent on education in the country - at present the figure is less than 1.9% - one of the lowest in the world. The campaigners are also opposing  plans to involve private companies in the running of universities, as part of the government's enthusiastic adoption of neo-liberal policies. The entry of school teachers into the struggle reflects a wide degree of public support for the campaign to defend free state education according to a report in the Colombo Telegraph, which analyses the degree to which the military and authoritarian government in Sri Lanka is consolidating its power and militarising the country, including the education sector, where students have to undergo compulsory military training. The writer sees this struggle as part of the wider struggle for democracy in Sri Lanka.