greecestr.jpg  One of a Series of General Strikes in Greece this Year Teachers continue to play a leading role in strikes against cuts in education across Europe On Tuesday there was a general strike in Greece to protest against the government's so-called 'austerity' measures - attacks on the public sector which the PASOK 'socialist' government is pushing through to appease global markets and the IMF (see previous posts). Meanwhile unions in Spain - who held a well supported strike earlier this month - have called for a general strike on September 29th against the Spanish government's 5% wage cut for public sector workers and the freezing of pensions amongst other measures. Here too the IMF has been dictating events to the government as it has on a large scale in eastern Europe where many people are suffering the kind of poverty which is mainly experienced in the Global South. In many countries in eastern Europe however the measures are also being resisted by mass demonstrations and strikes of public sector workers including of course teachers. In Romania where there have been a series of teachers' strikes (see previous posts) the IMF diktats suffered a setback when the Romanian courts ruled this week that a 15% pensions cut was unconstitutional - however they saw no objection to a 25% salary cut for public sector workers - even though the poorest in Romania have to exist on about $150 a month. The slogan 'we will not pay for their crisis' is being heard throughout Europe and teachers are in the forefront of the struggles.