Protestors Occupy the Council Offices in Nottingham Teachers struck in Nottingham, UK over the imposition of a 5 term year on Arpil 17th The City authorities are seeking to impose a five term year on schools in Nottingham (but not on the so-called academy or charter schools). This would mean five eight week terms and a summer break of only four weeks. Teachers say this would lead to teachers not wanting to work in the city, to a decrease in learning - since eight weeks without a break is too long, wouldl deprive children of the long summer break to play and  take vital time away for teachers to plan. Teachers, pupils, school governors and even businesses are all opposed to the plan. Now the teachers are engaged in a series of strikes to retain the three term year. At one point teachers and their supporters occupied the foyer of the city council offices. On the same day, teachers in Calderdale and at Swinton Community School, Rotheram in Yorkshire, went on strike against threatened teacher redundancies .