Contract Teachers demonstrating in Jharkhand Teachers in the Indian state of Jharkhand are resisting intimidation by their government The government has threatened them with 'strict action' unless they return to work today. However the teachers say they will not suspend their strike until the government agrees to their demands in writing. The teachers have been on strike since August and their action is affecting 40,000 classes in the state where 80% of the primary teachers are on temporary contracts. Untrained contract or para-teachers in the state earn $89 a month and even those with degrees only earn $107. The employment of  para-teachers is a deliberate policy of states to keep salaries low and discipline teachers with no security of tenure. It is a policy which is enthusiastically promoted by the World Bank. The teachers say the last thing they want to do is to harm children's education - in fact a  spokesperson for their union says: “We will take extra classes before 10 am or after 6 pm to complete their courses”. It is not the striking teachers who are damaging children's education - they have been struggling to provide an education in almost intolerable conditions, but the governments and the representatives of global capital who cut budgets and try to get a minimal education on the cheap - which they consider to be adequate for the poor.