Slovakian teachers, who started an indefinite strike on Monday to fight for decent pay and better funding for education, have faced intimidation from school administrators, according to reports. Teachers in some schools say they have been threatened with the sack if they go on strike. The teachers' representatives are complaing to the European court of human rights.

The strike has been organised by a group called the Initiative for Slovak Teachers (ISU) independently of the official union. The ISU says that many schools were closed on Monday with some regions ending their strike on Tuesday and others joining in. However they insist that more members would be taking part in the action if it were not for the intimidation. 

On Monday hundreds of teachers and their supporters gathered in the capital Bratislava, and were addressed by parents' representatives and health workers who are also taking action for improved pay. Rallies are planned in various cities today and tomorrow as well as get togethers with parents to explain the action.

The government expressed surprise at the strike, since it says it has stopped the practice of firing teachers at the end of the summer term and rehiring them the following school year to save money, as though stopping this egregious practice were enough to get rid of low wages and funding.

One opposition policitician told the striking teachers: “Don’t give in to the pressure and bullying at schools.You’re not doing it for yourselves, but for the future of Slovakia, the children of us all. Education must be a priority. As a parent I'm rooting for you.”