One of the many protests this week : Indonesia Students all over the world have been demonstrating this week for free education Like the students in Chile and Colombia who have been facing up to security forces and demonstrating for months for free education - students all over Europe as well as in Asia, North America and Africa have been protesting this week. There have been university occupations in Germany and a citywide student strike in New York. In Indonesia there have been protests all over the country, supported by the trade union movement as well as students. In Nigeria, students have organisedd a symposium 'the Way Forward for Education in Nigeria' - to which they have invited speakers from the trade union movement and other groups and at  which they are expecting 10,000 students. Meanwhile young people in the UK protesting against cuts in public services have been found guilty in a London court after a peaceful protest and acitivsts in New York - part of the Occupy Wall Street protest - have been arrested. Young people and their teachers will continue the fight for free education for all and against cuts in public services - despite the efforts of neo-liberal government to oppress them. To read more about this week's student demonstrations - which are part of the Global Weeks of Action for Education - go to the International Student Movment website at: