Students Protesting in Puerto Rico this Year The International Student Movement is calling for global action against the privatisation of education in november The students are putting out a call for a global discussion of the form such action should take. They say:   "We suggest calling for a global day of outrage for free emancipatory education on November 17th, 2011. We call on all peoples' assemblies, groups and networks identifying with our struggle to discuss this idea locally and give feedback to everyone on the ISM platform. We also encourage the discussion of this suggestion on the ISM platform and sub-platforms. Alternatives, such as a Global Week of Action (Nov.14-20th) or a Global Month/Wave of Action, should be considered as well." The end of 2010 saw an unprecedented movement of students around the globe, campaigning in particular against cuts which were meaning privatisation and huge hikes in fees for students as well as in many cases a total lack of job prospects. Such currents also contributed towards the uprisings in the so-called Arab spring and are still ongoing. To participate in this conversation between students around the world go to: