Students Demonstrate in Botswana Students in Botswana have been demonstrating in support of striking teachers The teachers and other public sector workers are on strike demanding a pay rise so that they can afford to live in the diamond rich country where 47% of the population live on less than a dollar a day and the gap between rich and poor is one of the largest in the world. In the face of angry student demonstrations supporting their teachers, the government has closed the shools indefinitely. The students are angry that they are not being educated but they are also angry with the government for not responding to teachers' demands for a reasonable salary. In one school students threw stones at new teachers who had presumably been hired in an attempt to break the strike. The leader of one of the teachers' unions told the Botswana Gazette that it was very unfortunate that there had been casualties during student demonstrations but that students had been provoked both by the education ministry and by the police. He said the union had never sought to involve students in the strike since it was a labour issue but nonetheless he thanked students and parents for their support. One students said: 'the government doesn't want to increase our parents' salaries, yet they have to pay for transport for us to come to school.'