In a tragic development, two young people have been killed in protests in Togo, one a 12 year old boy. Anselme Gouyano Sinandare was hit by a police bullet while taking part in the demonstration last week by school pupils, in solidarity with their teachers. 

Another student, Douti Sinonengue, aged 22, was killed in the same demonstratioin. Union leaders say his injuries were as a result of being hit by a police baton. This is the latest episode in a three month long social movement in Togo against drastic cuts to public spending which mean teachers and other public servants are owed back pay and that long promised salary and allowance enhancements have not been forthcoming. The school students have been demanding that the government pay teachers properly - however the government seems to be only listening to the demands of the International Monetary Fund, rather than those of its own people.

 Union leaders say there will be no resolution of the current standoff until the people responsible for the tragic deaths of the two students are brought to justice.