Students are striking in support of their demand to stop $100 million cuts and the privatisation of the University of Puerto Rico and teachers are occupying the treasury to stop their retirement fund being privatised The following story is from After two days of a student occupation of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) in Rio Piedras, San Juan, student leaders have declared an indefinite strike. The student assembly organized by the student General Council last week approved the two day walk-out and an indefinite strike if the administrators of the state run and owned university did not negotiate seriously with the students. The main student demands are: 1. Stop the more than $100 million proposed reduction in funds for the UPR; 2. Halt the privatization of the UPR. The reaction of the pro statehood government and university officials has been a heavy handed use of the riot squad which has on various occasions since Wednesday used force in an attempt to break the strike and student morale. An attempt by the riot squad to take over the main entrance to the university was resisted by the students who fought back the aggression. However, the cops now control the entrance. Various labor leaders in the fight against the government's firing of over 20,000 public sector workers have participated on the student picket line outside the university and some have entered the university in support of the student strike. Other campuses of the University of Puerto Rico in Humacao, Mayaguez and others have also declared their intention to go on strike staring Friday. On the other hand, some 100 teachers led by Rafael Feliciano, President of the Teachers Federation of Puerto Rico occupied offices of the government's Treasury (Hacienda) protesting the destruction of the teacher's retirement fund which is being privatized by the government.     Link to video of student parody of riot squad.     Link to video of teachers occupation of government offices and their removal by the riot squad.