philippines.jpg  Students Demonstrating in Manila Students and their teachers are protesting all over the world as neo-liberal governments cut education as they try to shore up their crisis ridden economies Students all over the world are demonstrating, striking and occupying university buildings in protest against budget cuts. In the Philippines thousands of students have been on the march with their teachers protesting the latest education cuts which have brought the education budget down below 3% of GDP. Meanwhile in the UK students are still occupying buildings after last week's day of action and more protests are planned for this week. An important feature of the actions in the UK is that - as in many other countries - school students are in the forefront of those protesting. These young people are seeing their futures threatened as they watch governments making higher education inaccessible to all but the richest while youth unemployment is reaching highs of 40% in some areas. Another feature of the demonstrations internationally has been anger at the cutting of arts subjects - while those subjects which are perceived to be 'economically useful' such as business studies have not suffered such savage cuts. This was the case in Santiago Chile where thousands of students took to the streets with their teachers and 19 students and two teachers were arrested protesting against cuts in history and social science teaching. There are also ongoing protests in Nepal where students occupied a government building calling for help for poor students to get an education. To follow the international student movement in more detail go to: