sudan2.jpg  A Village School without a School Building in Sudan Teachers in the Sudanese state of Central Equatoria have been forced to go out on strike again to try and get the money which is owed to them This is the second time in six months that the teachers have been forced to strike in order to get the salary which is owed to them. (See previous post) The teachers have not been paid since September by the government of Southern Sudan. The state Director in the Ministry of Education David Lowela said that the government had never promised to pay the teachers their salaries! He said that as teachers in 5 counties in Central Equatoria had not even been paid their September salaries they should all wait until everyone had had their September salaries before they could expect their October salaries - this is happening in December.  It is hard for teachers in OECD countries to imagine a situation where their salaries are not paid at all - yet this is a very common scenario in the Global South. Teachers are working against all the odds to try and provide an education to the children in their area with appalling conditions, vast classes and little or in this case no salary. Often this is happening in countries like Sudan which have vast oil or other mineral reserves which are being siphoned off by western corporations. Meanwhile the World Bank continues to demand that these countries cut their public sector budgets still further in response to the economic crisis created by western banks and neo-liberal economic policies.