sudan_img_0428_medium.jpg The town of Abyei after its destruction during the civil war in 2008 Teachers in Abyei the disputed central Sudanese regionĀ  went on strike in the middle of August to demand that they be paid salaries owed to them since last November Teachers have continued to work to ensure children in the war torn region get an education despite being unpaid for 9 months with the resultant suffering and stress to themselves and their families. The region was without administration for several years because of the conflict in Sudan - but teachers say that some other government workers are being paid - for instance those in the finance offices. They have finally decided to take strike action in an attempt to receive the salaries owed to them. Despite the fact that Sudan exports large amounts of oil and has huge untapped oil reserves, 40% of its population live below the poverty line. The area around Abyei where the strike is taking place is the most contested area in Sudan because it contains the richest untapped oilfields - estimated to be worth some half a billion dollars.