Spanish Poster for the General Strike Support for a Europe wide day of action against austerity on November 14th is building General strikes are scheduled to take place on November 14th in Greece, Spain and Portugal as part of a Europe-wide campaign against austerity and cuts. In Spain the two main union confederations have called a general strike for that day and met with other social organisations and student unions to launch the strike call, which is to be part of the day of action called by the European Trades Union Confederation. In Portugal and Greece too there will be general strikes on November 14th. And there are also reports of calls for general strikes in Malta and Cyprus. The November 14th date coincides with a call by the International Student Movement for a Global Education Strike, which has been endorsed by students unions from all over the world including the students of Quebec, who have recently fought a long running battle with their state government over tuition fees, and the Swaziland National Union of Students, which has been in the leadership of the fight for democracy in that country. To read a full list and more details of the students' call go here.