Swazi Students protesting earlier this Year Swazi nurses have joined teachers and other civil servants in their campaign for a 4.5% pay rise The nurses are the latest group to join the teachers, with parents converging on parliament and declaring no-confidence in the ability of the cabinet to settle the teachers' dispute. The struggle is part of a wider fight for democracy in that country which is still ruled by absolute monarch King Mswati II. Meanwhile police have been attacking demonstrators with tear gas and batons, with some having to be hospitalised and many arrested. The Secretary General of the public sector union , NAPSAWU told the Swazi Times:  "The workers were peaceful, unarmed and only singing and chanting their slogans when this Mngomezulu guy led the assault on them. At least 12 workers were seriously injured and had to be rushed to the Mbabane Government Hospital for treatment. Some of these workers suffered head injuries and others were shot and had to be operated on. Other workers were suffocated by tear gas." The unions have declared their readiness to fight back with whatever weapons they have at their disposal. Leader of SNAT, the teachers' union told the Times: "just like David defeated Goliath in the olden days, we will fight the officers with whatever weapons we have despite that the officers have guns."