COSATU joins Swaziland Protests Demonstrations are taking place in Swaziland as the government announces there is no money for schools The Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) which has led the ongoing protests is also in the forefront of this latest week of action. While the government says there is no money to keep the country's schools open, its absolute monarch King Mswati III has an estimated personal fortune of $200 million and lives in luxury with his 13 wives and 27 children. 5000 people marched in the capital Manzini and a further 300 in the provincial town of Siteki. According to reports some protestors were badly beaten by police - which has been the pattern over the last few months of protests - with demonstrators beaten and leaders arrested including students and some leading members of SNAT. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been visiting the country - telling the government to cut public spending. Now there is no money to run schools and the budget for HIV drugs has run dry (Swaziland has the largest HIV infection rate in the world). Meanwhile the King is celebrating his 25 years on the throne with a large cake and a party. South Africa's trade union centre COSATU is supporting the protestors and sent a high level delegation to take part. For more information about the background and calls for global solidarity go to previous posts.