Pro-democracy Demonstration in Swaziland The teachers' strike in Swaziland is growing as more workers vow to come out in support At the weekend workers in the water and electricity industries decided to come out and support the teachers in their quest for a modest 4.5% pay rise. This is the latest round in the struggle of Swazi teachers for a properly funded education service and for democracy, in the face of the corrupt and autocratic regime of King Mswate III. Like the teachers, the electircity and water workers are part of the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland (TUCOSWA). The Deputy General Secretary of TUCOSWA told the Times"We understand that these companies are among those providing essential services but this does not mean we should stand aside while others suffer," he said. We believe that all services provided by employees are essential. If the teachers strike continues, we have to be united in order for our goals to be accomplished." Meanwhile the government continues to harrass the teachers through attacks from the security forces, through stopping their pay and through threats of the sack.