Teachers Demonstrating earlier this Month Teachers in Swaziland are on a three day strike to press their demands The teachers, who are members of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) are determined to carry on fighting for their demands, despite police repression and arrests of some of their leaders (see previous posts). They are not only campaigning for the reversal of a pay cut but for an end to the public service cuts being enforced by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the corruption of some in government which is based on an absoloute monarchy. Teachers and other trade unionists have called on the South African and US governments - the only countries with embassies in the country - to derecognize the Swaziland government until it is changed and to freeze the assets of the royal family and corrupt politicians. The leader of SNAT Vincent Ncongwane made it clear that this protest is not only about teachers but that other unions and members of civil society would be taking part. Because security forces disrupted travel to last month's demonstration, the SNAT is planning demonstrations at 6 different regional centres. Although the school principals are not supporting the action SNAT is confident that there will be a large turnout and if this one fails to convince the government that it is time for a change further massive demonstratoins are planned for September. Meanwhile the government is going to the courts to try to stop this week's action.