Swazi Teachers protesting last Year Teachers in Swaziland are to strike on April 11th along with thousands of other public sector workers The strike is timed to coincide with the pro-democracy demonstrations led by teachers in the country last year which were brutally put down by the security forces. Since that time, the government - lead by absolute monarch King Mswati III who lives a lavish lifestyle while two thirds of the people live below the poverty line - and controlled by the International Monetary Fund - ceased to provide any money for schools in September and last month dismissed 1200 primary school teachers. Now the teachers - who are members of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) - will strike alongside nurses and civil servants demanding that the government fund public services properly and pay them a living wage. In defiance of the police repression which has been meted out to them over the last year the teachers and their allies are planning demonstrations all over Swaziland.