If you were a fly on the wall anywhere around Davos this week (and if you're not rich, powerful or famous being a fly is probably the only way to get in), you would see a lot of older white men in suits meeting 'to improve the state of the world.'

First up in this effort is a group of Swiss bankers, who are asking all the other people there to walk six kilometers during their stay, so that they can understand what it's like for children in South Africa who often have to walk that distance to school. To help them they will be given wrist monitors – so presumably every meter walked helps – including those to the champagne bar, the gala dinners or even the gents. Each man who manages to stagger the six kilometers means one more bicycle provided by UBS for an African child.

Interestingly, UBS, the Swiss bank which is hosting this initiative, has been found to be providing financial services to a long list of companies who have regularly violated human rights, including in Africa. One such example is the Anglo Gold Ashanti mining company, which was responsnsible for the shooting in the back of illegal miners and protesters in Ghana.

While the idea of the elite powerborkers in Davos walking six kilometers around luxury hotels to feel the pain of low income African school children raises a chuckle – somehow rage seems to get in the way of satire. UBS are not the first people to use education for low income children as a way to whitewash their image. They're all at it – Pearson and Rupert Murdoch for example also cast their for-profit education efforts as humanitarianism. And they're all there improving the state of the world – so if, a bit like Kafka's hero, you happen to wake up one morning this week as an insect – do buzz over to Davos, join the other insects and watch the fun.