School and university students, supported by their teachers have been taking action against education cuts in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. Secondary schools and universities organised a so-called 'Tag der Bildung' (day of education) where they threw the doors open to the public so that they could learn about the effects of planned cuts.

The day was launched by a petition, signed by thousands of people and organised by schools and unions which warned against 'the long term effects of short term cuts.' The canton is looking to cut $49 million from the education budget, which represents a 5% cut. Class sizes would grow to well over 30 and creative subjects would be squeezed.

On the day there were a series of actions including school hall discussions, flash mobs, theatre performances put on by school drama departments and an evening demonstration. This went ahead despite letters to students from school leaders warning them not to take part for fear of 'escalation'. Nevertheless many school students went ahead as well as some parents, who were critical of schools' decision to discourage the evening protest and said how important it was for young people to fight for education.

Young people on the demonstration called for an end to tax evasion, which they saw as being the underlying cause of the cuts. Less than two hours up the road in the mountains, those very same tax avoiders are meeting this week for the World Economic Forum in Davos.