Teachers in Geneva in Switzerland went on strike on Tuesday of this week over government cuts. They joined other public employees taking similar action. Two thirds of teachers walked out and over 10,000 strikers rallied in the centre of the town. The strike continued on Wednesday, when the strike was joined by construction workers.

The government wants to cut labour costs by 5%, lengthen the working week and not replace posts as they fall vacant. The government is blaming the need to deal with its 'debt' - yet another example of dubious economic logic being used as a rationale for attacks on the public sector. Union leaders say that in fact, the right wing government has been enforcing continuous tax cutting policies which only favour the rich. Switzerland is well known as a land where the rich gravitate, because of its low taxes.

Protesters say they 'are determined not to pay in place of the bosses and the big shareholders who will themselves be the ones to benefit from the "fiscal present" (which would be the effect of the cuts)'. A teacher on the protest said: 'We are striking for the children and for the quality of education, not for our salaries - (these cuts will mean) larger class sizes and it will be children with the most difficulties who will be the first to be sacrificed.'

At a mass meeting yesterday, public sector workers, including teachers, voted overwhelmingly to continue with their strike today.