Young Syrians protesting earlier this Year School students in Syria are increasingly taking part in protests against the Assad regime As the new school year begins students have been taking part in protests against the Assad regime in Syria. Children as young as ten have been on the streets protesting and schoolgirls in a suburb of Damascus marched and chanted "Revolution is bright, the regime is dark" according to reports in the Huffington Post and by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). A BBC reporter said this morning that girls at a school in Damascus had told her they were too frightened to speak as some of their class mates had been arrested for taking part in the protests. In the villages of Mhambal and Dael, school students and their parents were attacked by security forces and some of them were arrested. And some schools in Damasacus were surrounded by security forces. Other students demonstrated at the funeral of a teacher,  Jihad Haji who was reported to have been shot dead by security forces. To read the Huffington Post article in full got to: At least half of school students stayed away on the first day of school according to some reports. Students have been protesting against the education system. According to the website a group of students wrote on facebook: "We want to tell the regime that its educational system is rejected because it is exploited by (President Bashar) al-Assad to consolidate his government's influence and brainwash our children." As reported on previous posts on this site of the 2600 people killed in the Syrian uprising this year at least 182 have been children.