A group of teachers in the besieged city of Homs in Syria are doing their best to ensure that children get an education despite almost overwhelming difficulties, according to a report on the website. Eight schools in the town have been destroyed by bombs and parents are too frightened to send their children to school, for fear of further attacks. So a group of teachers and activists found a house and filled it with whatever furniture and equipment they could salvage from the bombed schools. Now 150 children attend the school.

One teacher said that there were still many difficulties- there was very little equipment or books and absolutely no stationery. All the teachers are working for nothing and are doing so because of their determination to ensure that children get an education.

This is not a unique story - this website has carried many reports on teachers working for nothing in countries in the global South and also teachers working in war zones in extremely dangerous conditions. Stories like this are generally drowned out by the of teachers both in the North and in the global South. A group of teachers in the US is running a campaign called - detailing all the ways in which teachers go the extra mile for their students in ways which cannot be measured. This Syrian example is surely worthy of inclusion.