Teachers(and a young Supporter!) at the Meeting which voted to end the Strike The determined stand taken by Tacoma teachers has forced the school district to back down Teachers in Tacoma, Washington, USA went on strike when the school district decided to cut their annual pay. The strike was solid with an 87% vote in favour of strike action and 93% attending a rally in support of their demands. The teachers were cheered on by many of their students who turned up outside the rally to show their support. The teachers' determination is all the more impressive given the fact that the school district had gone to law to have the strike declared illegal which a judge duly did, threatening to allow the schoolboard to take on strikebreaking teachers and telling strikers they would have to appear in court in person to defend themselves. “We stood strong, we stood united and we stood for what was right,” said Andy Coons, Tacoma Education Association president. “It hasn’t been easy. It has been a long process. We’ve been on strike for 10 days. We stood up to a Tacoma School Board and central office administration that had lost respect for their teachers.” Tacoma teachers certainly have shown that they cannot be pushed around and now the school district has been forced to back down on its plans to cut their pay. The teachers have voted overwhelmingly to accept the deal. The struggle is not over however - teachers still want class sizes lowered and more money for education but through their determination they have shown that it is possible to beat back even the most obdurate of employers. Said Coons:“We need to continue to stand up and make sure the Tacoma School Board and our new district administration respect Tacoma teachers and make decisions that are in the best interest of our students."