tanz-blog.jpg  Tanzanian Teacher Training Course Members of the Tanzanian Teachers Union (CWT) have been forced to delay their planned strike because of a shortage of government officers to oversee the ballot The teachers who currently earn between $21 per month for a primary teacher and $134 per month for secondary teachers are due to go on strike over their government's failure to pay up promised arrears in pay and allowances. Although the government had pledged to set aside money in this year's budget to pay the arrears none have yet been paid. Teachers were due to go on strike earlier this month but because of labour laws requring a ballot of the teachers in Tanzania's 11,000 schools, the strike has had to be postponed because the government has failed to provide enough officers to oversee the ballot. However the union was working with the Labour Department to solve the problem and were hopeful that the ballot could take place shortly. They would then have to give the government 60 days notice before a strike could take place. Despite being a country rich in natural resources such as cloves, diamonds and fish the majority of the population - like primary school teachers - live on less than a dollar a day. The IMF and World Bank are heavily involved in the country and the European Union for example extracts tons of fish from lake Victoria every day while the people who live on its banks are not allowed to fish for their families and the the country is subjected to repeated famines. (See Film Darwin's Nightmare for a representation of this situation)