Young People protesting in Yemen A teacher was among the 45 people killed in a massacre carried out in Yemen against pro-democracy campaigners 32 year old Yasir Saeed - an English teacher - was killed by a bullet to the head. Most of the dead were young people in their 20's according to medics working at the mosque next door to Sana'a University and children as young as 12 had been shot and wounded. Some of the protesters were shot in the back as they ran away. For a full report of this event go to: Meanwhile in Bahrain up to 1000 people were injured when authorities attacked pro-democracy protesters in Manama and many leading dissidents have been arrested in dawn raids. The military with the help of troops from Saudi have occupied the Salmaniya Hospital making it impossible for those injured to get medical help. In Saudi Arabia itself people demanding to know what had happened to their loved ones who have been detained for years without trial were themselves arrested by security forces.