anti-israel-posters-1.jpg  A Poster from Oaxaca calling for a secular democratic Palestine Teachers, children and youth all over the world are taking part this week in demonstrations and actions in solidarity with the people of Gaza Since the beginning of the Israeli assault on December 27th, at least 265 children have been killed. As well as firing on residential areas, mosques and government buildings the Israelis have bombed three UN schools (see earlier posts.) This has lead to a wave of revulsion around the world with young people in particular taking to the streets in every continent. These actions included a demonstration led by Section 22 of the SNTE teachers' union in Oaxaca Mexico which led to many arrests. In Lebanon thousands of children under 13 demonstrated outside the UN building in Beirut, holding pictures of the Palestinian children who have been killed and presenting a petition to Ban Ki-moon the UN Secretary general. In most of the capitals of Europe including Berlin and London today there have been mass demonstrations of young people and these have often been supported by teachers' unions - for example the London demonstration is supported by the National Union of Teachers. The Cypriot Teachers' Union took part in a large demonstration on the island. Teachers and students have supported large demonstrations in Australia. Many Jewish organisations are also taking part in demonstrations for example the Not in Our Name Network in Canada is joining the many demonstrations in that country today. If you have information about solidarity from around the world for the people of Gaza which you would like posted on this site please email me at