Teachers unions in Turkey are part of a broad based campaign to defend the right to protest in the country. The public service union KESK, of which Egitim Sen, the teachers' unions, is a part, has announced its intention to march in Taksim Square, Istanbul, on this Thursday, the international day of the working class, May 1st. Apart from anything else this is a commemoration of events in 1977 when half a million people demonstrated in the square on May day and 37 were killed by gunfire - a crime for which no-one has ever been prosecuted.

The government of Tayyip Erdogan has banned the unions from marching this Thursday and an international campaign has been started to get the decision reversed and allow peaceful protest in the country. The unions, which also include the confederation DISK, are demanding trade union freedom, democracy, an end to precarious working and better working conditions.

To add your name to the campaign, go here.