indett.jpg  ETT Teachers Demonstrate Teachers in two regions of India have faced violent prepression from the police in the last week At least 40 teachers were arrested in Lucknow during protests by 'temporary' teachers demanding the regularising of their contracts and a pay increase. Police met the hundreds of protesting teachers with baton charges and at leats 20 were injured as well as 5 police. The use of temporary or 'contract' teachers is a common device all over the world to save the authorities money. Meanwhile in Punjab, 200 teachers have been arrested as a result of protests by teachers on the Elementary Teachers Training programme (ETT) demanding to be paid regularly and on the same level as their colleagues who are on the state education service's payroll and to have the same benefits. And in Meghayala 2,400 teachers have been on strike demending arrears of payments owed to them - the government pleaded that they could not afford to pay because of the economic crisis - an argument that teachers are hearing all over the world in different forms as publoic services including education are expected to pay for the eoncomic crisis.