Teachers Protest in Asuncion last week Teachers in Paraguay marched last Thursday with landless farmers in the capital Asunsion The protest took place despite a decree from the new government in Paraguay outlawing demonstrations during the week. Teachers joined landless farmers and indigenous communities protesting against the government of Frederico Franco, which has just been installed in a process, described by neighbouring countries as a coup d'etat, which ousted the previous president Fernando Lugo. Lugo's was the first progressive government for 61 years. He came to power promising to bring about land reform and end the situation where 80% of the land was owned by 2% of the people. The teachers are demanding an increased budget for education which would cover amongst other things paying for maternity leave and paying the minimum wage. They are also protesting against changes to the school year and the removal of their right to strike. The farmers are demanding land reform. These movements by teachers and communities are in the forefront of the struggle against the new neo-liberal government which is systematically undermining the democratic rights of people to organise.