Protesters yesterday holding a Picture of Shokri Belaid Teachers in Tunisia have been striking yesterday and today as part of a general strike.   Strikers and their supporters are demanding the downfall of the Ennhada government, which is carrying on with much the same policies as the Ben Ali dictatorship - ousted in the first revolution of the so-called Arab spring at the beginning of 2011. Like the dictaroship, it takes its economic policies from the International Monetary Fund - meaning that there has been no improvement for the vast majority of people. The 2011 revolution was sparked by the despair of a young graduate who burned himself to death because of the oppression he was suffering, as he tried to run a fruit stall to make a living. At that time unemployment was at 13% - now it is 17% according to reports. Anger has been fuelled by the daylight assassination of leading opposition politician Shokri Belaid, an outspoken critic of the government who had recevied many death threats. He is being buried today. The largest union the UGTT, of which teachers are a part, called today's general strike. Last month, secondary teachers went on strike demanding more money for education and an end to the old curriculum (left over from the days of Ben Ali.) Teacher activists have been subject to brutal treatment and arrests by the security services over the last few months - another feature of the old regime which has seen little change since the revolution. Now teachers, students, other workers and democracy campaigners are on the same streets where they successfully marched to oust Ben Ali, demanding that the revolution be taken back from the Ennhada government.