Teachers in Uruguay are continuing with a series of strikes, despite government moves to make such strikes illegal. Like a number of other governments, the Uruguayan declared teachers strikes illegal on the grounds that teaching is an essential service. The teaching unions see this as an attack on their rights and are protesting to the International Labour Organisation. Teachers, union leaders and students demonstrated outside the ministry of Labour, when the order to ban teachers' strikes was announced.

The banning order was the result of the teachers' action, which is across all phases of education and has been ongoing for several weeks. They are demanding that 6% of GDP be spent on education as well as an increase in their meagre salaries, which start at just over $700 a month. A proposal from the government, resulting from talks with union leaders, was rejected by the rank and file membership and as a result action is continuing.

Teachers leaders say that they won't negotiate with the government again until the banning order is lifted. As well as strikes, many teachers are also occupying secondary schools in different parts of the country.