zimblog4.jpg  A polling station in Zimbabwe Teachers in Zimbabwe have been subject to violence in the aftermath of the disputed elections. According to Wellington Chibebe, leader of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions two teachers have been beaten to death in the Mashonaland province of the country. Another teacher was being held captive in the same province and his colleagues feared that he may be tortured or killed. Children returning to school at the end of the holidays have often found them closed or with few teachers to teach them, particularly in rural areas. According to the opposition Movement for Democtratic Change the violence has been orchestrated by forces loyal to Mugabe. Raymond Majongwe, President of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimababwe compared the schools to war zones. Teachers are particularly vulnerable because they had often served as returning officers in their schools which were polling stations on election day. Some teachers were reportedly being attacked because of the way people had voted in their polling stations. Even if the shools were partially open parents were often too afraid to send in their children in the current climate. Many teachers have already fled from Zimbabwe to find safety and comparative economic security in neighbouring countries. Some others are awaiting the outcome of the elction before deciding what to do.