Students demonstrating in Turin, Italy, this morning Teachers and students in many parts of Europe are on strike today as part of a continent wide protest against cuts Schools are closed in Portugal, where tax increases averaging 30% are planned as well as a further 4billion euros in spending cuts. Teachers are joined by other government employees, transport workers and health workers in a general strike today. In Spain the picture is similar with schools closed and transport sytems not functioning. In the whole of the Iberian peninsula this is just the latest of a series of actions against cuts which are causing massive detriment to people's living standars - in Spain the average cut in public sector pay is 30% as well as cuts to education, health and other services and mass unemployment. The jobless total amongst the young is 50%. In Italy too many schools will be closed as teachers join protests called by the largest union federation the CGIL, and in Greece there will be mass protests following on from the two day strike of last week and the decision of the Greek government to go ahead with another package of massive cuts. This is the first action to be co-ordinated across the whole of Europe, after the European Trades Union Confederation (ETUC) called for a European Day of Action and Solidarity for today, November 14th. Altogether actions are taking place in 23 countries across Europe including France, Belgium, Germany and Poland with students and teachers taking an active part in many of them. There have been reports of clashes with police in Spain and Italy this morning and some arrests. Today's unfolding events are a huge step forward in the building of international solidarity, as people across Europe insist that a different world is possible. Teachers, students and all those who care about social justice around the world will take heart as we see that it is possible for solidarity to be globalised. We are many, they are few!