indiastrike.jpg  Protesters Blocking a Train in last week's Strike Indian teachers joined strikes in many parts of India last week to protest against fuel price rises The strikes, which shut thousands of schools and colleges as well as transport infrastructure and the prestigious software industries in Bangalore, were called to protest against the government's removal of the fuel subsidy which would mean yet more increases in inflation which is already running at 10%. The government has withdrawn the subsidy in an attempt to ameliorate the country's deficit problems - and just as in most other countries in the world it is the poor who will suffer because of the austerity measures. In the case of India these new price rises will make it even more difficult for poor people to eat and for workers to use public transport for example. Kolkata Geography teacher Sriparan Bose told the website : "Normally, I'm against strike action, but this is different. Inflation is already hurting a lot of people, and the fuel rises are only going to make things worse. The government needs to rethink this."