A one day general strike in Belgium has been called today by the three main trade unions. The strike has been called to protest against the rise in the cost of living and trade unionists want to make their point before the Belgian Government delivers its budget later this month. The strike has paralysed transport including the main rail links. Teachers have also been taking part and some schools have been closed. The chairman of the socialist trade union ACOD Rudy De Leeuw explained the reasoning behind the strike on Sunday morning in the VRT programme De Zevende Dag, "We have been waiting for 15 months for something to be done about the falling purchasing power, and we have still not gotten answers. Do you know that 3/4 of wage earners working at the moment make between €1000 and €1600 per month? If you have to pay your heating, your electricity, your loan payments, etc, there's not much left."