Demonstrators in Cairo Teachers all over the world are joining a day of action to support the people of Egypt in their struggle for social justice February 8th has been designated as a day of action by the International Trades Union Congress (ITUC) and demonstrations will be taking place outside Egyptian embassies all over the world. As protestors continue to occupy Tahrir Square in Cairo, demanding that dictator and friend of Western Governments Hosni Mubarak, stand down, trade unionists everywhere will be demonstrating their suport for their struggle for an end to repression and corruption for core labour standards and for democracy and social justice. Meanwhile schools all over Egypt are closed as the protest continues. As reported on this website a new independent trade union body - including an independent teachers' union - has been established which Education International is supporting. Events will be taking place across the world today and more demonstrations are planned for the weekend, for example in London, UK this Saturday. To read the EI statement on the day of action go to: