greekblog.jpg  Strikers in Greece Teachers in Greece joined a 24 hour general strike this week to protest about the Greek government's economic policies Teachers joined health and transport workers, lawyers, journalists and civil servants in the strike which saw hospitals functioning with emergency staff only and schools and universities closed down. Most transport services were cancelled and many post offices and banks were closed. The private sector union GSEE and the public service union ADEDY called the strike and said that hundreds of thousands of workers had taken part. There was a large demonstration in Athens. The strike was called to protest against the changes in pension arrangements in Greece which will curb the right to early retirement and merge sound pension funds with financially risky ones. A spokespoerson said that they were protesting against funds being given to the few while the majority of people suffered. The strikers were also callling for more public spending, higher salaries and protesting against privatisation measures such as that of the Greek national airline.