Teachers in Greece are taking part in a general strike today, the first strike of the whole labour movement in the country this year (although not the first by teachers). Hospitals, courts, prisons and transport will all be disrupted today along with schools and universities.

Both of the union federations GSEE and ADEDY are taking part in the strike and there was a march through the centre of Athens to the parliament building in Syntagma Square.

Ironically, the strike is taking place on the day that the Greek government is returning to the international markets on the basis that their economy is 'recovering' - something which might be difficult to believe for the 28% of people who are unemployed. They are soon to be joined by a further 11,000 public sector workers who are to lose their jobs at the behest of the Troika (IIMF, EU and ECB) at a meeting last week. Thousands of people are living in extreme poverty and migrants in particular are suffering untold misery.

There are also that the Troika is urging a change in the law to make striking more difficult - one of the few weapons that teachers and other workers have got, against the onslaught from international finance. Meanwhile public sector union GSEE says its affiliates will be protesting on Friday, when Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, visits the country for more talks on the bailout and the Greek economic crisis.