Students protesting Cuts in Spain last Month Teachers will join a general strike in Spain on March 29th There is to be a general strike in Spain on March 29th to protest new laws which will make it easier for employers to fire their workers - against a background where Spain has the highest unemployment rate in Europe at 23% and where youth unemployment has hit 50%. The website Soy Publica which campaigns against the privatisation of education is urging teachers to join the strike: "Hay que salir a la calle a gritar alto y claro que la educación no se privatiza, que no es un negocio" (We must go on to the streets and shout loud and clear that education is no to be privatised and it is not a business.) Teachers have been in the forefront of the struggle against the attempts to make public services and in particular education pay for the economic crisis. Last month there were mass student demonstrations in Spain against education cuts which centred on the situation in Valencia where police attacked school students protesting shortages of basics in schools like heating. And last year there were frequent strikes and demonstrations in Madrid against cuts and privatisation in that city. Thursday's general strike will be part of a wave of protest throughout Europe at austerity measures imposed by financial and political institutions on the mass of the people.