greekblog2.jpg  A Protestor runs from Greek Police earlier this Year Teachers all over Greece are taking part in a general strike to protest against the government's neo-liberal economic policies The strike which has been planned for some time and is the second general strike within two months is likely to close schools and universities throughout Greece. The strike has been called by ADEDY the public service union and GSEE which represents 2 million private sector workers.The strikers have numerous demands but their main focus is the economic policy of the Karamanlis government, which like most governments in Europe and North America has found vast funds to bail out failing banks while public services like education have been starved of cash. The government is also following a policy of privatisation of education particulalry in the higher education sector and the linking of education ever more closely to the needs of business and the market. Students and teachers have been opposing these moves vigorously for many years. The strike coincides with mass protests particularly among students and youth sparked off by the fatal shooting by police of a fifteen year old boy Alexis Grigoropolous last weekend who was laid to rest yesterday at a funeral attended by over 6000 people. The unions which represent about half the workforce in Greece have resisted calls from the Karamanlis government to call off their strike in light of the already volatile situation and are going ahead with mass protests and rallies today. If anyone in Greece could send me details, interviews, pictures or information which they would like published on this website please email me at