Teachers and other public sector workers have been on indefinite strike this week The strikers were demanding a pay increase as well as an end to lay-offs in the public services. Some 7,000 jobs have been cut this year even though the Chilean economy is doing well. The action follows demonstrations and strikes at the beginning of the month against the right wing Pinera government's education 'reforms' (see previous post) According to reports the strike has now been called off by a small majority of the leadership of the different trade unions involved in exchange for a slightly improved pay offer. The leader of the public service union Raul De la Puente, speaking to www.insidecostarica.com  stressed the strength of workers in Chile in times of struggle against the neoliberal model and against a government of businessmen who, he said, do not know the characteristics of the work of public officers. Presumably the struggle against lay offs and neo-liberal education policies will continue.