Teachers joined a general strike yesterday in Greece against the continuing austerity policies in the country which are devastating both public services and ordinary people's living standards.

Teachers and other trade unionists, including transport and health workers and workers in the private sector, marched in Athens. The leader of the public sector union ADEDY said: "Our message today is very clear: Enough with these policies which hurt people and make the poor poorer."

Greek teachers are planning a protest rally next Sunday against new policies announced by the government last week, which would mean their having to work an extra two hours a week, to save money on hiring new teachers. OLME, the secondary teachers' union has not ruled out striking during the coming examination period if the government do not withdraw the plans. Civil servants will also be protesting on Sunday against new plans to make thousands more redundant.

There were massive demonstrations in Spain too against similar policies in that country which have resulted in 55% unemployment amongst young people. Teachers and education campaigners are planning a general strike for education next Thursday