Teachers were among those killed in the dreadful bombing on the 10th of October which has already claimed 120 lives. The teachers were taking part in a peaceful demonstration in the capital Ankara, calling for an end to the oppression by the government of the Kurdish people and an end to divisive politics which is opening the way to conflict and bloodshed. The slogan of the protest was, 'Labour, peace, democracy.'

One teacher was killed along with his daughter, who had just started university in the city, and his sister. His cousin said of him: 'İzzettin was a very idealist teacher. He respected everyone’s opinions. He argued that a society can only rise with education. And so, even though he lived in Ankara, he’d travel to the southeast to teach poor kids without opportunities in Şanlıurfa. He also paid for the repair of the Mimar Sinan Primary School and the Küçük Sergen Primary School.'

It is not yet known who caused the two bombs. The government is blaming Da'esh (also known as ISIS) but many are pointing the finger at the government, if not for outright agancy then at least for complicity. It has been involved in a series of raids in Kurdish communities in Turkey. Moreover campaigners say there is little chance of finding out who carried out the devastating attacks. 

There is also anger that security forces used tear gas after the massacre, which prevented ambulances getting to the injured quickly. Witnesses say that if health workers had not been present on the march, many more would have succumbed to their wounds. According to a spokesperson for the health workers union, the government actually announced there was no need for blood donations, even as they were calling urgently for people to come forward.

Unions have declared 3 days of mourning and a two-day general strike on the 12/13th October. Today there were massive anti-government protests. Egitim Sen, the teachers union, is one of the organisers of the strike. It has been hanging black banners around the city today in memory of the dead.