A Soldier on Guard at a School in Southern Thailand Nearly 160 teachers have been killed in Southern Thailand in an ongoing battle for independence. Most recently a principal and teacher were shot and killed in front of 75 pupils and colleagues in a primary school in Ban Ba Ngo Primary school. The teachers are targeted because they are buddhists - the state religion in Thailand - but are teaching in a predominately muslim area. In December teachers went on strike demanding better security but many parents feel that the deployment of soldiers to guard schools simply makes them more of a target. Particularly hard hit are teachers who are designated as government employees rather than government officials. They receive lower pay than their colleagues and do not get the same protection. One told the Bangkok Post: "Do I get scared? Very much. I have family to take care of, and I can't end up this way.The reason I keep doing it is only because I want the children to be able to study.With all the recent violence [this week], all of the schools in the far South are closed again. I am afraid there will not be enough time for students to learn. It is almost the end of the semester.I think the only way to solve all this violence is to change the attitude of the younger generation. That is why I am happy to take a risk if I know that what I am doing can contribute to solving the problem.If children are well educated, they can turn the situation upside down and help make our home a safe place to live in again.'' To read more about this complex situation, go to this article on the al Jazeera website.