Demonstration in Yemen A teachers' demonstration in Yemen was attacked by police using tear gas and live rounds . Three teachers have been killed Thousands of teachers had been holding a sit-in outside the education ministry in Taez - the second largest city in Yemen - demanding a pay rise, a postponement of exams and the removal of the President Saleh from office. One teacher was killed and many more injured and yesterday two more protestors outside the education ministry were killed. In another part of Taez province, two students were killed while protesting for a postponement of exams. The head of the teachers' union in Taez told CNN: "We called for the march yesterday against this oppressive regime that will not give us our rights. They fired on us as we were marching peacefully." The teachers were joined by other pro-democracy protestors who marched from Freedom square. 150 people have so far been killed in Yemen - one of the poorest countries in the world, as nearby Gulf rulers try to broker a deal to put an end to the protests. The protestors however do not support the deal and are demanding Saleh's immediate departure. (See previous posts)